Memoryhouse: Soft Hate

February 9, 2016

51AAE0rzoyL._SS280Band: Memoryhouse
Title: Soft Hate

Beacon: Escapements

February 8, 2016

a3885336364_16Band: Beacon
Tile: Escapements

High Highs: Cascade

February 7, 2016

51UNsjYU7gL._SS280Band: High Highs
Title: Cascades

DIIV: Is The Is Are

February 5, 2016

61ehwOgLCrL._SS280Band: DIIV
Title: Is The Is Are

The Sibelius Edition, Vol. 9: Chamber Music II

February 1, 2016

519MfpTDYXL._SS280Composer: Jean Sibelius
Works: Chamber Music II
Performer: Various

Scarlatti: Sonatas

January 30, 2016

cover170x170Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Sonatas
Performer: Angela Hewitt

J.S. Bach: French Suites

January 28, 2016

51TGJLY6+nL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: French Suites
Performer: Peter Hill

Includes the very Bach-like Suite in C K. 399 and Gigue K. 574 by Mozart.

Promise And The Monster: Feed The Fire

January 25, 2016

61PmeTaCQEL._SS280Band: Promise And The Monster
Title: Feed The Fire

Charlie Hilton: Palana

January 22, 2016

51PuE2l-8tL._SS280Band: Charlie Hilton
Title: Palana

Fossil Collective: Flux

January 18, 2016

61X7SxK0eSL._SS280Band: Fossil Collective
Title: Flux

Daughter: Not To Disapper

January 16, 2016

51-ZwSi1HxL._SS280Band: Daughter
Title: Not To Disappear

Tycho: Awake (Remixes)

January 15, 2016

41VIJ9A+hsL._SS280Band: Tycho
Title: Awake (Remixes)

Wolf Alice: My Love Is Cool

January 13, 2016

41dS3vAl4dL._SS280_PJStripe-Robin,TopLeft,0,0Band: Wolf Alice
Title: My Love Is Cool

C.P.E. Bach: Piano Concertos

January 10, 2016

51lTtu+V2cL._SS280Composer: Carl Philipp Emanual Bach
Works: Piano Concertos
Performer: Michael Rische

Soler: Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 57-62

January 5, 2016

51VVx04CutL._SS280Composer: Antonio Soler
Works: Keyboard Sonatas Nos. 57-62
Performer: Mladen Colic

Lush: Chorus

December 27, 2015

chorus_new_square_copyBand: Lush
Title: Chorus

I rarely buy cd’s now but I just had to have this.

Day Wave: Headcase – EP

December 26, 2015

cover170x170Band: Day Wave
Title: Headcase – EP

93millionmilesfromthesun: Towards The Light

December 24, 2015

a4135519246_16Band: 93millionmilesfromthesun
Title: Towards The Light

Howling: Sacred Ground

December 22, 2015

51Ow98Sk-sL._SS280Band: Howling
Title: Sacred Ground

BLiNDNESS: Wrapped In Plastic

December 20, 2015

a1991354161_16Band: BLiNDNESS
Title: Wrapped In Plastic

Mozart: Piano Concertos

December 16, 2015

51HAsgBly5LComposer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Works: Complete Piano Concertos
Performer: Christian Zacharias & Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne

Yep, I already have many recordings of Mozart’s concertos. But I had to have this one by one of my favorite pianists. Bought the cd box because it was more affordable than the individual album downloads. It’s completely gorgeous.

Bach: Trio Sonatas

December 14, 2015

514ffElTG1L._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Trio Sonatas, BWV 525 – 530 (Arr. for Piano and Flute)
Performers: Léla Katsarava, piano and Jean Ferrandis, flute

Richie Hawtin: From My Mind to Yours

December 12, 2015

a4278174605_16Artist: Richie Hawtin
Title: From My Mind To Yours

Sacred Caves: Double Fantasy

December 9, 2015

a3876841846_10Band: Sacred Caves
Title: Double Fantasy

Six by Seven: Love and Peace and Sympathy

November 27, 2015

a1336311731_16Band: Six by Seven
Title: Love and Peace and Sympathy

I also bought The Death of Six by Seven which is completely gorgeous.a0418462955_16

Lightning In A Twilight Hour: Fragments of a Former Moon

November 25, 2015

311TGIsqzbL._SS280Band: Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Title: Fragments of a Former Moon

Hearts of Black Science: Signal

November 21, 2015

41eyGPnpHLL._SS280Band: Hearts of Black Science
Title: Signal

Scarlatti: 12 Piano Sonatas

November 17, 2015

61BDkjshoYL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: 12 Piano Sonatas
Performer: Homero Francesch

YEYEY: The Vision

November 15, 2015

Title: The Vision

Tiny Fireflies: The Space Between

November 12, 2015

a0722216335_16Band: Tiny Fireflies
Title: The Space Between


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