Artisan Loyalist: Lonely Ghost

February 27, 2015

517192R6yLL._SS280Band: Artisan Loyalist
Title: Lonely Ghost

Echodrone: Five

February 25, 2015

51l0XInTSlL._SS280Band: Echodrone
Title: Five

Handel: Die acht grossen Suiten

February 22, 2015

41odeuuboFL._SS280Composer: George Frideric Handel
Works: Die acht grossen Suiten
Performer: Lisa Smirnova

Naked On My Own & Dopedrone: Sunset Wrecks

February 20, 2015

a0942015684_2Band: Naked On My Own & Dopedrone
Title: Sunset Wrecks

Angels and Agony: Monument

February 18, 2015

511jOqpkCoL._SS280Band: Angels and Agony
Title: Monument

Concerto Köln plays Dall’Abaco, Locatelli, Vanhal, Kozeluch and Eberl

February 17, 2015

61FSeu3OzKL._SS280Composer: Dall’Abaco, Locatelli, Vanhal, Kozeluch and Eberl
Works: Concertos
Performer: Concerto Köln

Blurred City Lights: Anamorphic

February 16, 2015

a1656526392_2Band: Blurred City Lights
Title: Anamorphic

J.S. Bach: Complete Keyboard Concertos

February 15, 2015

51gETuHm+cL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Complete Keyboard Concertos
Performer: Jean-Philippe Collard, Gabriel Tacchino, Michel Dalberto, Bruno Rigutto & Ensemble Orchestral de Paris

Includes the rarely-recorded-on-piano multiple keyboard concertos. Gorgeous.

Vivaldi: Complete Bassoon Concertos

February 14, 2015

51PzamReo+L._SS280Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Works: Complete Bassoon Concertos
Performer: Daniel Smith and English Chamber Orchestra and Zagreb Soloists

Blog Post #1000: Bach, of course

February 12, 2015

Wow, this is my 1000th post. I guess I really do buy a lot of music.

To celebrate, I’m featuring one of my favorite recordings by my favorite composer: J.S. Bach. Brilliant Classics recently released this amazing set of the complete works of Bach as downloads at an amazing price. It’s a must have.

61mRkJwZhaL._SS280Composer: J.S.Bach
Works: Complete Works
Performer: Various

Scarlatti: Sonatas

February 10, 2015

5114y9HiJZL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Piano sonatas
Performer: Irina Zahharenkova

Darkness Falls: Alive In Us

February 9, 2015

cover170x170 10.27.23 AMBand: Darkness Falls
Title: Alive In Us

Scriabin: Complete Poèmes

February 8, 2015

cover170x170-1Composer: Alexander Scriabin
Works: Complete Poèmes
Performer: Garrick Ohlsson


February 7, 2015

61K4Kb-nzbL._SS280Band: Ohm
Title: Ohm

Hesham Abdul Wahab: Qadam Badha

February 5, 2015

515L2j3ql7L._SS280Band: Hesham Abdul Wahab
Title: Qadam Badha

The Union Trade: A Place Of Long Years

February 3, 2015

61onXxHQ6bL._SS280Band: The Union Trade
Title: A Place Of Long Years

Boccherini: String Quintets Vol. X

February 2, 2015

61bt9+wtWgL._SS280Composer: Luigi Boccherini
Works: String Quintets, Op. 29, Vol. X
Performer: I Virtuosi della Rotonda

Liszt: Piano Sonata & Other Works

February 1, 2015

cover170x170Composer: Franz Liszt
Works: Piano Sonata & Other Works
Performer: Angela Hewitt

J.S. Bach: Imagine

January 29, 2015

51EHx+j8N7L._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Imagine (Various works transcribed for harpsichord. Not, thankfully, the John Lennon song.
Performer: Jean Rondeau

Der Dritte Raum: Aydszieyalaidnem

January 27, 2015

51fvZEipmXL._SS280Band: Der Dritte Raum
Title: Aydszieyalaidnem

J.S. Bach: Sonatas for Viola and Piano

January 17, 2015

cover170x170Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Sonatas for viola and piano BWV 1027-29, Chorale Preludes. arr. by Franz Beyer
Performer: Hariolf Schlichtig & Yumi Sekiya

J.S. Bach: Illuminationes

January 13, 2015

61Um2BPMMQL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Illuminationes (transcriptions by F. Lizst, D. Kabalevsky, A. Nebel, W. Whittaker, W Prado and others)
Performer: Angelika Nebel

J.S. Bach: The Art of Bach (Arrangements for 2 Pianos)

January 6, 2015

steinway30033Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: The Art of Bach (Arrangements for 2 Pianos)
Performer: Anderson and Roe Piano Duo

Gaurav Raina, Karsh Kale, Wayne Sharp: Bombay Cafe

January 5, 2015

51rJfsroBnL._SS280Band: Gaurav Raina, Karsh Kale, Wayne Sharp
Title: Bombay Cafe

Highlands: Dark Matter Traveler

December 30, 2014

a0521919313_2Band: Highlands
Title: Dark Matter Traveler

Gorgeous. I bought it all.

Sibelius: Chamber Music

December 27, 2014

BIS-CD-1903-05Composer: Jean Sibelius
Works: Sibelius Edition, Vol. 2 – Chamber Music I
Performer: Tempera Quartet, Jaakko Kuusisto, Satu Vanska, Marko Ylonen, Folke Grasbeck

I’m annoyed that all the volumes of the Sibelius Edition are not available as downloads. Such beautiful music.

Zoot Woman: Coming Up for Air (Remixes) – EP

December 24, 2014

cover170x170Band: Zoot Woman
Title: Coming Up for Air (Remixes) – EP

Lassigue Bendthaus​: Matter (23rd anniversary edition)

December 23, 2014

a2743553691_2Band: Lassigue Bendthaus​
Title: ​Matter (23rd anniversary edition)

National Skyline: Love Letters for the Disenchanted

December 21, 2014

513675ovgjL._SS280Band: National Skyline
Title: Love Letters for the Disenchanted

Heavenly Beat: Eucharist

December 19, 2014

a1020890798_2Band: Heavenly Beat
Title: Eucharist


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