Marissa Nadler: Strangers

May 22, 2016

a1239498636_16Band: Marissa Nadler
Title: Strangers

Huguette Dreyfus

May 18, 2016

51+Vp0YbZGL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II
Performer: Huguette Dreyfus

I was very sad to read of her death yesterday.

She has been one of my favorite harpsichordists ever since I discovered her recordings in the 1970’s.

It is also sad that so few of her recordings are available as downloads, but here is one that I love and that is available.

Telemann: The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments, Vol. 3

May 14, 2016

611Jf1ucCVL._SS280Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
Works: The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments, Vol. 3
Performer: La Stagione Frankfurt

Field: Complete Nocturnes

May 11, 2016

51YgebEhjcL._SS280Composer: John Field
Works: Complete Nocturnes
Performer: Elizabeth Joy Roe

Astronauts: End Codes

May 9, 2016

61cOqkgjgKL._SS280Band: Astronauts
Title: End Codes

RY X: Dawn

May 7, 2016

61EWlM2OPOL._SS280Band: RY X
Title: Dawn

Rogue Wave: Delusions of Grand Fur

May 6, 2016

6179yOoeCDL._SS280Band: Rogue Wave
Title: Delusions of Grand Fur

Schumann: Dichterliebe

May 5, 2016

61BTULlEu3L._SS280Composer: Robert Schumann
Works: Fantasiestücke op. 73, Dichterliebe op. 48, Andante und Variationen op. 46
Performers: Jan Vogler and Hélène Grimaud

Holy Wave: Freaks of Nurture

May 1, 2016

a3366061633_16Band: Holy Wave
Title: Freaks of Nurture

For Against: Never Been

April 28, 2016

cover170x170 copyBand: For Against
Title: Never Been

C.P.E. Bach: Chamber Music for Clarinet

April 27, 2016

519SpPAV+kL._SS280Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Works: Chamber Music for Clarinet
Performer: Luigi Magistrelli and Italian Classical Consort

Jeff Runnings: Primitives and Smalls

April 25, 2016

cover170x170Band: Jeff Runnings
Title: Primitives and Smalls

Wire: Nocturnal Koreans

April 22, 2016

41ysrfxuFuL._SS280Band: Wire
Title: Nocturnal Koreans

Space Daze: Terrestrial Mosey EP

April 19, 2016

a0350932652_16Band: Space Daze
Title: Terrestrial Mosey EP

Lush: Blind Spot

April 17, 2016

41IWapsIbXL._SS280Band: Lush
Title: Blind Spot

Sulk: No Illusions

April 15, 2016

51xXgSLNtBL._SS280Band: Sulk
Title: No Illusions

Ohrwert: Reduct

April 12, 2016

a3895824586_16Band: Ohrwert
Title: Reduct [Remastered]

J.S. Bach: Bach Repurposed: Solo Bach for Clarinet

April 10, 2016

51wSQMWbsEL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Bach Repurposed: Solo Bach for Clarinet (Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin performed on clarinet)
Performer: Margaret Donoghue Flavin

More Bach on clarinet. Gorgeous.

J.S. Bach: Trio Sonatas

April 8, 2016

41AifUCygRL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Triosonaten, BWV 525 – 530 (Arr. for Clarinet, English Horn and Bassoon)
Performer: Trio Lezard

Fluxion: Vibrant Forms II

April 6, 2016

cover170x170Band: Fluxion
Title: Vibrant Forms II

Lightning In A Twilight Hour: And All The Ships At Sea

April 4, 2016

a3589310483_16Band: Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Title: And All The Ships At Sea

Worm Is Green: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

April 3, 2016

a2692951471_16Band: Worm Is Green
Title: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

Mogwai: Atomic

April 2, 2016

cover170x170Band: Mogwai
Title: Atomic

The High Violets: Heroes and Halos

April 1, 2016

a1367788527_16Band: The High Violets
Title: Heroes and Halos

Hammock: Everything and Nothing

March 31, 2016

a0785292597_16Band: Hammock
Title: Everything and Nothing

They’ve outdone themselves. Gorgeous, beautiful music.

SPC ECO: All We Have Is Now

March 29, 2016

a1420901435_16Band: SPC ECO
Title: All We Have Is Now

THYX: Headless

March 27, 2016

5134nUy5hlL._SS280Band: THYX
Title: Headless

deardarkhead: strange weather

March 25, 2016

a0473770947_16Band: deardarkhead
Title: strange weather

Albinoni: Trio Sonatas Op. 1

March 22, 2016

61Mj19hQkML._SS280Composer: Tomaso Albinoni
Works: Trio Sonatas Op. 1
Performer: Federico Guglielmo and L’Arte dell’Arco

Weaver At The Loom: Lap Dog EP

March 21, 2016

a0624402225_16Band: Weaver At The Loom
Title: Lap Dog EP


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