Agnes Obel: Citizen of Glass

October 21, 2016

51yao0bsukl-_ss500Band: Agnes Obel
Title: Citizen of Glass

From Indian Lakes: Everything Feels Better Now

October 18, 2016

a4211475295_16Band: From Indian Lakes
Title: Everything Feels Better Now

J.S. Bach: French Suites

October 15, 2016

028947965688-cvrComposer: J.S. Bach
Works: The French Suites
Performer: Murray Perahia

KROY: Scavenger

October 11, 2016

a2223697643_16Band: KROY
Title: Scavenger

Dvorak: 10 Legends

October 9, 2016

cover170x170Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Works: 10 Legends
Performer: Sulkhanishvili Piano Duo

Tycho: Epoch

October 7, 2016

a3719228403_16Band: Tycho
Title: Epoch

The Blessed Isles: Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night

October 5, 2016

a2384089654_16Band: The Blessed Isles
Title: Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night

Githead: Waiting for a Sign

October 3, 2016

4110stommvl-_ss500Band: Githead
Title: Waiting for a Sign

Malka Spigel: Every Day Is Like the First Day

September 29, 2016

51xjuqqm3el-_ss500Band: Malka Spigel
Title: Every Day Is Like the First Day

Marissa Nadler: Bury Your Name

September 27, 2016

a2322496467_10Band: Marissa Nadler
Title: Bury Your Name

Beacon: Escapements Remixes

September 26, 2016

a2379201380_10Band: Beacon
Title: Escapements Remixes

Ghost Wave: Radio Norfolk

September 24, 2016

cover170x170Band: Ghost Wave
Title: Radio Norfolk

Sin Fang: Spaceland

September 20, 2016

a3273676326_16Band: Sin Fang
Title: Spaceland

Elephant Stone: Ship Of Fools

September 16, 2016

a1774044024_16Band: Elephant Stone
Title: Ship Of Fools

HalfNoise: Sudden Feeling

September 12, 2016

14249771_1180480702024372_1100210111230419704_oBand: HalfNoise
Title: Sudden Feeling

Friedman: Piano Transcriptions

September 1, 2016

61plmACCUZL._SS500Composer: Ignaz Friedman
Works: Piano Transcriptions
Performer: Joseph Banowetz

The Album Leaf: Between Waves

August 27, 2016

a3207472154_16Band: The Album Leaf
Title: Between Waves

J.S. Bach: Toccatas

August 25, 2016

51Eh9Zbg-lL._SS500Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Toccatas
Performer: Alessandro Deljavan

SPC ECO: Favourite Colour EP

August 17, 2016

a1492745680_10Band: SPC ECO
Title: Favourite Colour EP

Faunts : Ostalgia – Volume 1

August 15, 2016

a2226123893_16Band: Faunts
Title: Ostalgia – Volume 1

SPC ECO: Anomalies

August 12, 2016

a2620993964_16Band: SPC ECO
Title: Anomalies

Tape Waves: Here To Fade

August 7, 2016

a3280552975_16Band: Tape Waves
Title: Here To Fade


August 3, 2016

51h2XNFW9RL._SS500_SS280Composer: Erik Satie
Works: various
Performer: Olga Scheps

Teen Daze: Morning World

August 1, 2016

a0651705661_16Band: Teen Daze
Title: Morning World

Schumann: Chamber Music

July 30, 2016

61Dh8col48L._SS500_SS280Composer: Robert Schumann
Title: Chamber Music (arranged for clarinet and piano)
Performer: Heiner Schindler and Olha Chipak

Handel: 6 Piano Concertos, Op. 7

July 28, 2016

51qqHghiz-L._SS500_SS280Composer: George Frideric Handel
Works: 6 Piano Concertos, Op. 7
Performer: Matthias Kirschnereit and Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss

Naked On My Own: Elevated

July 26, 2016

a0832599854_16Band: Naked On My Own
Title: Elevated

Jay Som: Turn Into

July 25, 2016

a2922216710_16Band: Jay Som
Title: Turn Into

Sunset Wrecks: Salvaged

July 21, 2016

a3996797260_16-1Band: Sunset Wrecks
Title: Salvaged

Space Daze: Down on the Ground

July 18, 2016

a1446755337_16Band: Space Daze
Title: Down on the Ground