Six by Seven: Love and Peace and Sympathy

November 27, 2015

a1336311731_16Band: Six by Seven
Title: Love and Peace and Sympathy

I also bought The Death of Six by Seven which is completely gorgeous.a0418462955_16

Lightning In A Twilight Hour: Fragments of a Former Moon

November 25, 2015

311TGIsqzbL._SS280Band: Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Title: Fragments of a Former Moon

Hearts of Black Science: Signal

November 21, 2015

41eyGPnpHLL._SS280Band: Hearts of Black Science
Title: Signal

Scarlatti: 12 Piano Sonatas

November 17, 2015

61BDkjshoYL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: 12 Piano Sonatas
Performer: Homero Francesch

YEYEY: The Vision

November 15, 2015

Title: The Vision

Tiny Fireflies: The Space Between

November 12, 2015

a0722216335_16Band: Tiny Fireflies
Title: The Space Between

The Japanese House: Clean

November 8, 2015

61VaRepNvRL._SS280-1Band: The Japanese House
Title: Clean

Dave Heumann: Here In The Deep

November 6, 2015

41vLywnaOuL._SS280Band: Dave Heumann
Title: Here In The Deep

Schumann: Pieces for Oboe and Piano

November 3, 2015

61IED9YrHgLComposer: Robert Schumann
Works: Pieces for Oboe and Piano (transcriptions)
Performer: Alexei Utkin, oboe & Igor Tchetuev, piano

One of the most beautiful recordings ever.

I’m also very excited to find Primephonic. High-quality classical downloads.

Vivaldi, Bach, Telemann: Oboe Concertos

November 1, 2015

51Uyt7ZJTQL._SS280Composer: Antonio Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann
Works: Oboe Concertos
Performer: Vilém Veverka and Ensemble 18+

Soley: Don’t Ever Listen

October 30, 2015

a2938697909_16Band: Soley
Title: Don’t Ever Listen

Mogwai: Central Belters

October 24, 2015

31QB189GXrL._SS280Band: Mogwai
Title: Central Belters

Small Black: Best Blues

October 18, 2015

5125b6VRsvL._SS280Band: Small Black
Title: Best Blues

Beach House: Thank Your Lucky Stars

October 16, 2015

a1005992513_16Band: Beach House
Title: Thank Your Lucky Stars

I actually love this more than their recent release “Depression Cherry.”

Echodrone: Five Remixes

October 13, 2015

a1766999907_16Band: Echodrone
Title: Five Remixes

J.S. Bach: Complete Piano Concertos

October 8, 2015

51fWK7gBxJL._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Works: Complete Piano Concertos
Performer: Shiran Wang and Wiener Meister

Dvorak: Silent Woods

October 4, 2015

61qP5h+ehgL._SS280Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Works: Silent Woods, music for cello and piano
Performer: Christian Poltera and Kathryn Stott

Moving Panoramas: One

October 3, 2015

61L9KA2J2GL._SS280Band: Moving Panoramas
Title: One

Ms. John Soda: Loom

October 2, 2015

41UpfaWzRfL._SS280Band: Ms. John Soda
Title: Loom

Gulp: Season Sun

October 1, 2015

61BH9i6rkFL._SS280Band: Gulp
Title: Season Sun

Barbara Morgenstern: Doppelstern

September 28, 2015

a2074530629_16Band: Barbara Morgenstern
Title: Doppelstern

Air Formation: Were We Ever Here

September 25, 2015

51v0fFDwqQL._SS280Band: Air Formation
Title: Were We Ever Here


September 20, 2015

51AitbGvVtL._SS280Band: Hibou
Title: Hibou

Say Hi: Bleeders Digest

September 19, 2015

416L2OI5LcL._SS280Band: Say Hi
Title: Bleeders Digest

Telekinesis: Ad Infinitum

September 18, 2015

41CRfe8WKHL._SS280Band: Telekinesis
Title: Ad Infinitum

Bob Moses: Days Gone By

September 13, 2015

cover170x170Band: Bob Moses
Title: Days Gone By

Under Electric Light: Waiting For The Rain To Fall

September 9, 2015

a2617263794_16Band: Under Electric Light
Title: Waiting For The Rain To Fall

Message To Bears: Maps

September 8, 2015

a0548252809_16Band: Message to Bears
Title: Maps

Widowspeak: All Yours

September 7, 2015

51m6ngW4GyL._SS280Band: Widowspeak
Title: All Yours

Mark Peters & Elliot Ireland: Deep Blue

September 5, 2015

41Qf2gJRuiL._SS280Band: Mark Peters & Elliot Ireland
Title: Deep Blue


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