The New Division: Copycat

May 20, 2015

51XXgQ16GhL._SS280Band: The New Division
Title: Copycat – single

Sheila Chandra and The Ganges Orchestra: Pure Drones

May 15, 2015

61lWPKg0YPL._SS280Band: Sheila Chandra and The Ganges Orchestra
Title: Pure Drones, Vol. 1

I bought all 3 volumes. Beautiful. Was sad to read that Steve Coe, the musician behind all of Sheila Chandra’s music, died a couple years ago as well as the illness that has kept Sheila Chandra from singing (and speaking, apparently). Life is fragile.

From Indian Lakes: Absent Sounds Remixed Sounds

May 13, 2015

cover170x170Band: From Indian Lakes
Title: Absent Sounds Remixed Sound

Juno Reactor: Golden Sun… Remixed

May 9, 2015

51CYDd-2VgL._SS280Band: Juno Reactor
Title: Golden Sun… Remixed

Scarlatti: Piano Sonatas

May 5, 2015

51GjCl4l7gL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Piano Sonatas
Performer: Claire Huangci

Other Lives: Rituals

May 4, 2015

51GypJbF0bL._SS280Band: Other Lives
Title: Rituals

SPC ECO: Dark Matter

May 3, 2015

a2659397281_16Band: SPC ECO
Title: Dark Matter

Completely amazing, beautiful music from one of my favorite bands.

The New Division: Eyes – single

April 29, 2015

cover170x170Band: The New Division
Title: Eyes – single

Marais: Suites for Oboe

April 24, 2015

41UmHQvL6tL._SS280Composer: Marin Marais
Works: Suites for Oboe
Performer: Christopher Palameta

Wire: Wire

April 21, 2015

61GlMOMuTCL._SS280Band: Wire
Title: Wire

Tchaikovsky: The Seasons

April 17, 2015

cover170x170Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Works: The Seasons
Performer: Pavel Kolesnikov

The October Solution: Axis Swim Scar

April 14, 2015

51YUPT050YL._SS280Band: The October Solution
Title: Axis Swim Scar

Telemann: The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments, Vol. 2

April 7, 2015

61X+0EzlQFL._SS280Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
Works: The Grand Concertos for Mixed Instruments, Vol. 2
Performer: La Stagione Frankfurt

Etiquette: Reminisce

April 2, 2015

41RuMQTt+WL._SS280Band: Etiquette
Title: Reminisce

Darkness Falls: Dance And Cry

March 31, 2015

41xadFCdCyL._SS280Band: Darkness Falls
Title: Dance And Cry

Neuroticfish: A Sign Of Life

March 27, 2015

a4014572768_2Band: Neuroticfish
Title: A Sign Of Life

Niyaz: The Fourth Light

March 24, 2015

61IU-RM+9ZL._SS280Band: Niyaz
Title: The Fourth Light

Mind in A Box: Memories

March 20, 2015

mindinabox-memories-mp3Band: Mind.In.A.Box
Title: Memories

Buying directly from the artist makes me happy.

North Atlantic Oscillation: Glare

March 19, 2015

51D+V8tGR+L._SS280Band: North Atlantic Oscillation
Title: Glare

The New Division: Senseless EP

March 17, 2015

51M3aUn8GWL._SS280Band: The New Division
Title: Senseless EP

Lost And Found – Oboenkonzerte des 18. Jahrhunderts von Hoffmeister, Lebrun, Fiala und Kozeluh

March 13, 2015

61PkgKq6sHL._SS280Composer: Hoffmeister, Lebrun, Fiala and Kozeluh
Works: Oboe concertos of the 18th century by
Hoffmeister, Lebrun, Fiala and Kozeluh

Performer: Albrecht Mayer and Kammerakademie Potsdam

Dans la malle du Poilu

March 10, 2015

61YZNZbhEbL._SS280Composer: Clara Schumann, Gabriel Faure, and others
Works: Various
Performer: Célimène Daudet, and Amanda Favier

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 16

March 7, 2015

51h-ljPaBsL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 14
Performer: Duanduan Hao

J.S. Bach: Oboensonaten

March 5, 2015

513ewlL-c-L._SS280Composer: J.S. Bach
Woks: Oboensonaten
Performer: Ramon Ortega Quero

Moon Duo: Shadow of the Sun

March 3, 2015

a3941566089_2Band: Moon Duo
Title: Shadow of the Sun

Artisan Loyalist: Lonely Ghost

February 27, 2015

517192R6yLL._SS280Band: Artisan Loyalist
Title: Lonely Ghost

Echodrone: Five

February 25, 2015

51l0XInTSlL._SS280Band: Echodrone
Title: Five

Handel: Die acht grossen Suiten

February 22, 2015

41odeuuboFL._SS280Composer: George Frideric Handel
Works: Die acht grossen Suiten
Performer: Lisa Smirnova

Naked On My Own & Dopedrone: Sunset Wrecks

February 20, 2015

a0942015684_2Band: Naked On My Own & Dopedrone
Title: Sunset Wrecks

Angels and Agony: Monument

February 18, 2015

511jOqpkCoL._SS280Band: Angels and Agony
Title: Monument


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