Mind In A Box: Crossroads

Artist: Mind in a Box
Title: Crossroads
Purchased at: Amazon
Artist link: Website
Rating: love it!!!

It sounds like music from the future.

It is EBM with the strangest, most imaginative vocals I’ve ever heard. The first time I heard it my heart started beating faster, I loved it so much. The instrumentation is expertly produced, typical EBM. Bubbling sequencers, drum machines, beautiful melodies, etc. But the vocals: my guess is that he records the vocal track, puts it through a vocoder and then a harmonizer to move the pitch up a bit. It sounds almost female but really it sounds like an alien is singing. Strange and beautiful.

He also uses his real voice on some of the songs which makes it even more fascinating. And the variation of the vocals makes the alien voice seem all that more special.

He has several releases out (I have them all) and they are all great. The song “Fear” from Crossroads is completely awesome. My fave song is “Change” from Lost Alone. So beautiful. And the voice is so deliciously weird. I love it.



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