Sol Seppy: The Bird Calls…

Band: Sol Seppy
Title: The Bird Calls, and Its Song Awakens the Air, and I Call



3 Responses to “Sol Seppy: The Bird Calls…”

  1. Sophia Says:

    Thank you Jan for your support . It may interest you that the Sol Seppy facebbok bandpage is

    We are just starting this facebook page as a meeting place . We would welcome you .

    Also you can get a higher quality download CD quality {Flac} plus album cover and liner notes
    This is an interesting alternative to bandcamp . You will find a lot of new music and free downloads . Plus this site gives much more percentage to the artist than most .

    The first record ” The Bells of 1 2 ” and the EP you’ve listed above are at and on itunes .

    Thank you again Jan for your lovely mention we need all the support we can get . We are starting grass roots so word of mouth is extremely important

    • Jan Says:

      Thank *you*, Sophia, for making such beautiful music. More please!

      And thanks for the links. I joined your Facebook page and am looking forward to keeping up with the band’s activities.

  2. Ben Says:

    Hi, Jan!

    Please allow me to express my gratitude, too. We at sincerely appreciate your support, especially the shout-out on your blog’s side-bar. Thank you!

    (Thank you, too, Sophia, for being such a champion for our mutual cause, and for making such achingly-beautiful music.)

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