Drip.fm: Morr Music Gold

A few days ago I discovered a new music service called drip.fm. They offer several indie labels, most of which I am not familiar with. For $10 a month you can subscribe to one of the labels and download music, including exclusive compilations, back-catalog selections, remixes and pre-release album downloads.

I was delighted to see they offer Morr Music so I subscribed. I’ve been a fan of Morr Music for years and own many of their releases. When I signed up I immediately had access to download a compilation unique to the service and two albums, one of which I didn’t have, one I already did.

Every few days I’ve gotten an email to download an “exclusive” track or remix or new album release. So far, it’s hit or miss. Some of the music is great, some of it is meh. But I can’t expect every release to appeal to my particular taste so I assume the stuff I don’t like is someone else’s perfect cup of tea.

It’s a new business model and fun to explore. Apparently I can cancel at any time. So I’ll give it a few months and see what the signal to noise ratio is. I love several of the bands on Morr Music so if I get their new releases that alone should keep me happy.


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