Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas

51NhutDUU8L._SL500_AA280_Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1
Performer: Carlo Grante

Scarlatti is one of my favorite composers ever and his keyboard sonatas are one of the joys of my life. I never get tired of listening to them.

I’m not going to admit how many recordings of these sonatas I have. A lot. However, I only have two complete versions: Scott Ross and Pieter-Jan Belder. Both are on harpsichord and are gorgeous. I love the harpsichord (I own one) but my first love is the piano. I’m anxiously awaiting a complete set performed on piano. Naxos has been releasing a volume at a time at a slow drip so I’m still waiting.

Carlo Grante started a complete set in the 90’s (which I bought) but I think the record label went under and the project came to a halt. He’s back with a new, ongoing complete set and I hope he gets to record all of them this time. Volume Three was released recently so I’m optimistic.


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