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August 23, 2017

a2064803003_16Band: SPC ECO
Title: Calm

Sacred Caves: Love Comes With A Knife

August 17, 2017

a4135301208_16Band: Sacred Caves
Title: Love Comes With A Knife

James Yuill: A Change In State

July 28, 2017

a2192943203_16Band: James Yuill
Title: A Change In State

Beach House: B-Sides and Rarities

June 30, 2017

a1474668056_16Band: Beach House
Title: B-Sides and Rarities

Landing: Taeppe EP

June 28, 2017

a0378064350_16Band: Landing
Title: Taeppe EP

Ride: Weather Diaries

June 19, 2017

31WGq1Ev0JL._SS500Band: Ride
Title: Weather Diaries

Zoot Woman: Absence

June 16, 2017

31a13qs4dAL._SS500Band: Zoot Woman
Title: Absence

London Grammar: Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

June 9, 2017

516ADnqUi5L._SS500Band: London Grammar
Title: Truth Is A Beautiful Thing (Deluxe)

Kyson: A Book Of Flying

June 3, 2017

a0911056466_16Band: Kyson
Title: A Book Of Flying

Collide: Color of Nothing

June 1, 2017

color-of-nothing-10-x-10-300Band: Collide
Title: Color of Nothing

Hazel English: Just Give In/Never Going Home

May 14, 2017

170x170bbBand: Hazel English
Title: Just Give In/Never Going Home

The Legends: Nightshift

May 9, 2017

170x170bbBand: The Legends
Title: Nightshift

Soley: Endless Summer

May 7, 2017

a2466711230_16Band: Soley
Title: Endless Summer

Day Wave: The Days We Had

May 6, 2017

170x170bbBand: Day Wave
Title: The Days We Had

The Black Angels: Death Song

April 22, 2017

61FpaMe+igL._SS500Band: The Black Angels
Title: Death Song

Delay Trees: Let Go

April 6, 2017

a3736816855_16Band: Delay Trees
Title: Let Go

Goldfrapp: Silver Eye

March 31, 2017

51xyybeg3OL._SS500Band: Goldfrapp
Title: Silver Eye

Secret Shine: There Is Only Now

March 20, 2017

a0184587595_16Band: Secret Shine
Title: There Is Only Now

Real Estate: In Mind

March 18, 2017

41qeorpIyRL._SS500Band: Real Estate
Title: In Mind

Hanging Valleys: EP

March 12, 2017

170x170bbBand: Hanging Valleys
Title: EP

Jay Som: Everybody Works

March 10, 2017

a3337164431_16Artist: Jay Som
Title: Everybody Works

VENN: Runes

March 6, 2017

a2548218664_16Band: VENN
Title: Runes

Rogue Wave: Cover Me

February 17, 2017

170x170bbBand: Rogue Wave
Title: Cover Me (Deluxe)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Alexander Devotion

February 11, 2017

51vjojly5cl-_ss500Band: Letting Up Despite Great Faults
Title: Alexander Devotion

Teen Daze: Themes For Dying Earth

February 8, 2017

a3611170787_16Band: Teen Daze
Title: Themes For Dying Earth

Moon Duo: Occult Architecture Vol. 1

February 5, 2017

a2262306889_16Band: Moon Duo
Title: Occult Architecture Vol. 1

The Proper Ornaments: Foxhole

January 24, 2017

a4025532600_10Band: The Proper Ornaments
Title: Foxhole

Austra: Future Politics

January 20, 2017

517oxl22wil-_ss500Band: Austra
Title: Future Politics

Jan Blomqvist: Remote Control

December 28, 2016

41ahsmpr4kl-_ss500Band: Jan Blomqvist
Title: Remote Control

SYML: Hurt For Me EP

December 15, 2016

51hbjbnrjul-_ss500Band: SYML
Title: Hurt For Me EP