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Cubicolor: Brainsugar

December 29, 2017

51jxZ+FLIqL._SS500Band: Cubicolor
Title: Brainsugar


Naomi: Swim

September 22, 2017

51F4-uboF4L._SS500Band: Naomi
Title: Swim

The KVB: Fixation/White Walls

August 28, 2017

61nKuQQwaEL._SS500Band: The KVB
Title: Fixation/White Walls

Sacred Caves: Love Comes With A Knife

August 17, 2017

a4135301208_16Band: Sacred Caves
Title: Love Comes With A Knife

Ruelle: Rival EP

July 2, 2017

41zX1oNMjJL._SS500Band: Ruelle
Title: Rival EP

Zoot Woman: Absence

June 16, 2017

31a13qs4dAL._SS500Band: Zoot Woman
Title: Absence

Kraftwerk: 3-D The Catalogue

May 27, 2017

41OxHDN5f+L._SS500Band: Kraftwerk
Title: 3-D The Catalogue

After yesterday’s post about Sgt. Pepper I didn’t think my head would explode again for a while but yesterday was also the release of this gem. New mixes of iconic music I’ve loved for decades.

The Legends: Nightshift

May 9, 2017

170x170bbBand: The Legends
Title: Nightshift

Goldfrapp: Silver Eye

March 31, 2017

51xyybeg3OL._SS500Band: Goldfrapp
Title: Silver Eye

Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Alexander Devotion

February 11, 2017

51vjojly5cl-_ss500Band: Letting Up Despite Great Faults
Title: Alexander Devotion

Drab Majesty: The Demonstration

January 31, 2017

a3220590401_10Band: Drab Majesty
Title: The Demonstration

Warm Winter by André Obin

January 27, 2017

a1312219135_16Band: André Obin
Title: Warm Winter

Jan Blomqvist: Remote Control

December 28, 2016

41ahsmpr4kl-_ss500Band: Jan Blomqvist
Title: Remote Control

KROY: Scavenger

October 11, 2016

a2223697643_16Band: KROY
Title: Scavenger

RY X: Dawn

May 7, 2016

61EWlM2OPOL._SS280Band: RY X
Title: Dawn

Worm Is Green: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

April 3, 2016

a2692951471_16Band: Worm Is Green
Title: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

Tender: EP II

March 20, 2016

51r3YcQ0rvL._SS280Band: Tender
Title: Tender EP II

Colours: Ivory

February 28, 2016

61KhF8jjpgL._SS280Band: Colours
Title: Ivory

School of Seven Bells: SVIIB

February 26, 2016

710PHDnbkRL._SX522_Band: School of Seven Bells
Title: SVIIB

Beacon: Escapements

February 8, 2016

a3885336364_16Band: Beacon
Tile: Escapements

High Highs: Cascade

February 7, 2016

51UNsjYU7gL._SS280Band: High Highs
Title: Cascades

Sacred Caves: Double Fantasy

December 9, 2015

a3876841846_10Band: Sacred Caves
Title: Double Fantasy

Hearts of Black Science: Signal

November 21, 2015

41eyGPnpHLL._SS280Band: Hearts of Black Science
Title: Signal

Tiny Fireflies: The Space Between

November 12, 2015

a0722216335_16Band: Tiny Fireflies
Title: The Space Between

Small Black: Best Blues

October 18, 2015

5125b6VRsvL._SS280Band: Small Black
Title: Best Blues

Ms. John Soda: Loom

October 2, 2015

41UpfaWzRfL._SS280Band: Ms. John Soda
Title: Loom

Gulp: Season Sun

October 1, 2015

61BH9i6rkFL._SS280Band: Gulp
Title: Season Sun

Bob Moses: Days Gone By

September 13, 2015

cover170x170Band: Bob Moses
Title: Days Gone By

Meet Me In Orbit: Traveller

August 31, 2015

a2488413769_16Band: Meet Me In Orbit
Title: Traveller

André Obin: Endorphin

August 24, 2015

a1240867727_16Artist: André Obin
Title: Endorphin