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Der Dritte Raum: D3r-25 Eins

December 8, 2017

51tmJNnEXXL._SS500Band: Der Dritte Raum
Title: D3r-25 Eins


Hardfloor: The Business of Basslines

September 27, 2017

a3211560716_16Band: Hardfloor
Title: The Business of Basslines

Christian Löffler: Mare

September 9, 2017

a2378223090_10Band: Christian Löffler
Title: Mare

Processory: Change Is Gradual

September 2, 2017

8099a402Band: Processory
Title: Change Is Gradual

Kyson: A Book Of Flying

June 3, 2017

a0911056466_16Band: Kyson
Title: A Book Of Flying

Kraftwerk: 3-D The Catalogue

May 27, 2017

41OxHDN5f+L._SS500Band: Kraftwerk
Title: 3-D The Catalogue

After yesterday’s post about Sgt. Pepper I didn’t think my head would explode again for a while but yesterday was also the release of this gem. New mixes of iconic music I’ve loved for decades.

Entheogenic: Dreamtime Physics

May 24, 2017

a3739095783_16Band: Entheogenic
Title: Dreamtime Physics

Vector Lovers: Pale Blue Star EP

February 12, 2017

a1321213128_16Band: Vector Lovers
Title: Pale Blue Star EP

Jan Blomqvist: Remote Control

December 28, 2016

41ahsmpr4kl-_ss500Band: Jan Blomqvist
Title: Remote Control

Yagya: Stars And Dust

November 29, 2016

a2963892151_16Band: Yagya
Title: Stars And Dust

Tycho: Epoch

October 7, 2016

a3719228403_16Band: Tycho
Title: Epoch

Ohrwert: Reduct

April 12, 2016

a3895824586_16Band: Ohrwert
Title: Reduct [Remastered]

Fluxion: Vibrant Forms II

April 6, 2016

cover170x170Band: Fluxion
Title: Vibrant Forms II

Worm Is Green: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

April 3, 2016

a2692951471_16Band: Worm Is Green
Title: Loops, Cuts & Lost Clues: Volume One

Solace: The Ruin Of Ghosts

February 21, 2016

a3036956593_10Band: Solace
Title: The Ruin Of Ghosts

Tycho: Awake (Remixes)

January 15, 2016

41VIJ9A+hsL._SS280Band: Tycho
Title: Awake (Remixes)

Bob Moses: Days Gone By

September 13, 2015

cover170x170Band: Bob Moses
Title: Days Gone By

The Black Dog: Neither/Neither

August 14, 2015

NEITHER-NEITHER-2000px-380x380Band: The Black Dog
Title: Neither/Neither

Juno Reactor: Golden Sun… Remixed

May 9, 2015

51CYDd-2VgL._SS280Band: Juno Reactor
Title: Golden Sun… Remixed

Der Dritte Raum: Aydszieyalaidnem

January 27, 2015

51fvZEipmXL._SS280Band: Der Dritte Raum
Title: Aydszieyalaidnem

Lassigue Bendthaus​: Matter (23rd anniversary edition)

December 23, 2014

a2743553691_2Band: Lassigue Bendthaus​
Title: ​Matter (23rd anniversary edition)

Qntal: VII

November 21, 2014

51ZNEBJj8WL._SL500_AA280_Band: Qntal
Title: VII (Special Edition)

Max Richter: Berlin By Overnight (Remixes) EP

November 1, 2014

61fAkzXIuaL._SL500_AA280_Composer: Max Richter
Works: Berlin By Overnight (Remixes) EP
Performers: Daniel Hope and Jochen Carls

Populous: Night Safari

October 14, 2014

51A9lOa7m-L._SL500_AA280_Band: Populous
Title: Night Safari

Manual: Memory and Matter

October 7, 2014

a3572571059_2Band: Manual
Title: Memory and Matter: Selected Remixes, Rarities and Unreleased Tracks 2007-2014

The Acid: Liminal

July 29, 2014

51dOQMYx4EL._SL500_AA280_Band: The Acid
Title: Liminal

A friend of mine said, “Some of the music you like sounds like it was made by aliens.”


Worm Is Green: To Them We Are Only Shadows

July 6, 2014

a0492623775_2Band: Worm Is Green
Title: To Them We Are Only Shadows

Aroy Dee: Sketches

July 5, 2014

31LePZBsncL._SL500_AA280_Band: Aroy Dee
Title: Sketches

auto-auto: underwater sounds

June 29, 2014

a0394947750_2Band: auto-auto
Title: Underwater Sounds

Yagya: Sleepygirls

June 25, 2014

51nNOhwCHAL._SL500_AA280_Band: Yagya
Title: Sleepygirls