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SYML: In My Body EP

January 14, 2018

61VgnlQZrNL._SS500Band: SYML
Title: In My Body EP


James Yuill: A Change In State

July 28, 2017

a2192943203_16Band: James Yuill
Title: A Change In State

Ruelle: Rival EP

July 2, 2017

41zX1oNMjJL._SS500Band: Ruelle
Title: Rival EP

Hazel English: Just Give In/Never Going Home

May 14, 2017

170x170bbBand: Hazel English
Title: Just Give In/Never Going Home

SYML: Hurt For Me EP

December 15, 2016

51hbjbnrjul-_ss500Band: SYML
Title: Hurt For Me EP

From Indian Lakes: EFBN Tapes

December 9, 2016

a1587258435_16Band: From Indian Lakes
Title: EFBN Tapes

Katie Kim: SALT

November 13, 2016

a1776539695_16Band: Katie Kim
Title: SALT

Agnes Obel: Citizen of Glass

October 21, 2016

51yao0bsukl-_ss500Band: Agnes Obel
Title: Citizen of Glass

Marissa Nadler: Bury Your Name

September 27, 2016

a2322496467_10Band: Marissa Nadler
Title: Bury Your Name

Soren Juul: This Moment

June 27, 2016

51d4oG3-wPL._SS500_SS280Band: Soren Juul
Title: This Moment

Greg Laswell: Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet

March 10, 2016

51tG5+Ym0AL._SS280Band: Greg Laswell
Title: Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet

Space Daze: Follow My Lights Back Home

June 19, 2014

a1858768999_2Band: Space Daze
Title: Follow My Light Back Home

Greg Laswell: I Was Going To Be An Astronaut

February 12, 2014

51Ab3BNbijL._SL500_AA280_Band: Greg Laswell
Title: I Was Going To Be An Astronaut

Aaron Sprinkle: Water & Guns

October 3, 2013

61V4EKIwjmL._SL500_AA280_Band: Aaron Sprinkle
Title: Water & Guns

Agnes Obel: Aventine

September 30, 2013

cover.170x170-75Band: Agnes Obel
Title: Aventine

Junip: Junip

April 24, 2013

41vrTcKkRdL._SL500_AA280_Band: Junip
Title: Junip

Rachel Zeffira: The Deserters

March 13, 2013

paper074_72_largeBand: Rachel Zeffira
Title: The Deserters

Lone Wolf: The Lovers

November 29, 2012

Band: Lone Wolf
Title: The Lovers

Greg Laswell: Landline

April 24, 2012

Band: Greg Laswell
Title: Landline

Sol Seppy: The Bird Calls…

April 20, 2012

Band: Sol Seppy
Title: The Bird Calls, and Its Song Awakens the Air, and I Call

Iarla O Lionaird: Foxlight

April 15, 2012

Artist: Iarla O Lionaird
Title: Foxlight

Agnes Obel: Philharmonics

February 18, 2012

Band: Agnes Obel
Title: Philharmonics

Weaver At The Loom: Before Now, Was Then

November 13, 2011

Band: Weaver At The Loom
Title: Before Now, Was Then

Soma FM

July 24, 2011

My friends, and some loyal blog readers, have asked me, “How do you find so much great music?”

One of my favorite listening sources is Soma FM. They have many stations of the highest quality music around. Although I listen to a few of their stations my favorite has ended up being Digitalis. A lot of the music I’ve presented on this blog was something I heard on Digitalis.

When I discovered Digitalis I noticed it was playing music I already owned. That was the hint that told me there might be future possibilities and there were.

So, I hear something I love on Digitalis and then I go buy it. iTunes and Amazon have links to “customers who bought this also bought” and my bread-crumb technique of finding music, with one thing I love leading to others elsewhere, definitely kicks in and then I’m on a listening trail of gorgeous music.

Soma FM is privately maintained and listener supported. I bought their t-shirt and also signed up for a monthly automatic donation. It’s that awesome.

Mimi Page: Love Will Tear Us Apart EP

July 12, 2011

Band: Mimi Page
Title: Love Will Tear Us Apart EP

Butcher The Bar: For Each A Future Tethered

June 11, 2011

Band: Butcher The Bar
Title: For Each A Future Tethered

Fireflies: Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon

June 8, 2011

Band: Fireflies
Title: Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon

Love this album. His other releases are also great. However, his bandname is unfortunate because not only are there other bands with the same name, or with “The” in front of it, but there’s also confusion about the song of the same name by that twee tool Owl City. (BTW, “twee” is my new favorite word.)

Regardless of the name or confusion, I’m glad I found this Firefly and am really enjoying his music.

Minor Kingdom: My Back Will Bend

April 24, 2011

Band: Minor Kingdom
Title: My Back Will Bend

The American Analog Set: Know By Heart

April 22, 2011

Band: The American Analog Set
Title: Know By Heart

The Go Find: Stars On The Wall

April 21, 2011

Band: The Go Find
Title: Stars On The Wall