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Naomi: Swim

September 22, 2017

51F4-uboF4L._SS500Band: Naomi
Title: Swim


Collide: Color of Nothing

June 1, 2017

color-of-nothing-10-x-10-300Band: Collide
Title: Color of Nothing

Kraftwerk: 3-D The Catalogue

May 27, 2017

41OxHDN5f+L._SS500Band: Kraftwerk
Title: 3-D The Catalogue

After yesterday’s post about Sgt. Pepper I didn’t think my head would explode again for a while but yesterday was also the release of this gem. New mixes of iconic music I’ve loved for decades.

THYX: Headless

March 27, 2016

5134nUy5hlL._SS280Band: THYX
Title: Headless

TW Walsh: Fruitless Research

February 13, 2016

a4132284557_16Band: TW Walsh
Title: Fruitless Research

André Obin: Endorphin

August 24, 2015

a1240867727_16Artist: André Obin
Title: Endorphin

Neuroticfish: A Sign Of Life

March 27, 2015

a4014572768_2Band: Neuroticfish
Title: A Sign Of Life

Mind in A Box: Memories

March 20, 2015

mindinabox-memories-mp3Band: Mind.In.A.Box
Title: Memories

Buying directly from the artist makes me happy.


February 7, 2015

61K4Kb-nzbL._SS280Band: Ohm
Title: Ohm

Iris: Radiant

October 24, 2014

41FZyOcf4zL._SL500_AA280_Band: Iris
Title: Radiant

Zoot Woman: Star Climbing

August 30, 2014

4250783663190_1448.170x170-75Band: Zoot Woman
Title: Star Climbing

Front Line Assembly: Echoes

May 14, 2014

51wHEiD8XOL._SL500_AA280_Band: Front Line Assembly
Title: Echoes (Deluxe)

Dawn Golden: Still Life

May 13, 2014

41BUQc54tZL._SL500_AA280_Band:Dawn Golden
Title: Still Life

THYX: Super Vision

March 26, 2014

519eBlMLhSL._SL500_AA280_Band: THYX
Title: Super Vision

Metroland: Mind The Gap

December 13, 2013

417et-c2hDL._SL500_AA280_Band: Metroland
Title: Mind the Gap (Bonus Tracks Version)

On An On: Give In (Deluxe Edition)

September 19, 2013

61T0z+YGcHL._SL500_AA280_Band: On An On
Title: Give In (Deluxe Edition)

The new iTunes Radio is going to be pricey. I listened for about ten minutes and then this appeared and I had to have it. Shiny.

God Is An Astronaut: Origins

August 28, 2013

51Z6yRly9KL._SL500_AA280_Band: God Is An Astronaut
Title: Origins

Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

July 10, 2013

61w9+oiJUUL._SL500_AA280_Band: Front Line Assembly
Title: Echogenetic

THYX: Below The City

May 19, 2013

51jpGlWg2kL._SL500_AA280_Band: THYX
Title: Below The City

Collide: Bent And Broken

November 3, 2012

Band: Collide
Title: Bent And Broken

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Cobra Juicy

October 24, 2012

ref=dp_image_z_0Band: Black Moth Super Rainbow
Title: Cobra Juicy

Liquid Divine: Black Box

October 19, 2012

Band: Liquid Divine
Title: Black Box

Secret Shine: The Beginning And The End

October 14, 2012

Band: Secret Shine
Title: The Beginning And the End

Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Untogether

October 9, 2012

Band: Letting Up Despite Great Faults
Title: Untogether

[:SITD:]: Remixes

September 17, 2012

Band: [:SITD:]
Title: Remixes

Black Moth Super Rainbow: Windshield Smasher EP

September 7, 2012

Band: Black Moth Super Rainbow
Title: Windshield Smasher EP

The Pineapple Thief: What We Have Sown (2012 remastered reissue)

August 14, 2012

Band: The Pineapple Thief
Title: What We Have Sown (2012 remastered reissue)

Sally Shapiro: My Guilty Pleasure

July 8, 2012

Artist: Sally Shapiro
Title: My Guilty Pleasure

When Clouds Attack: Young Blood

June 6, 2012

Band: When Clouds Attack
Title: Young Blood

Moby: Destroyed Remixed

May 4, 2012

Artist: Moby
Title: Destroyed Remixed

Yet more remixes of Moby. Yawn.

But wait! These mixes are excellent. Wow. And iTunes includes two hour-long continuous mixes. Love it.