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Scarlatti: Sonatas

September 29, 2017

hewittComposer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Sonatas, Vol. 2
Performer: Angela Hewitt


Scarlatti: Sonatas

July 21, 2017

51ew+rARc2L._SS500Composer:Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Ten Hundred Devils: Keyboard Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti
Performer: Katia Braunschweiler

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas

June 10, 2017

scarlattiComposer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 19
Performer: Goran Filipec

Bella Napoli – Concerto per Oboe

February 9, 2017

51hszjvgtnl-_ss500Composer: Domenico Scarlatti, Hasse, Cimarosa, Donizetti, Bellini, Pasculli
Works: Various
Performer: Christoph Hartmann & Ensemble Berlin

Scarlatti: The Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 4

July 15, 2016

61Zjx7Ek4vL._SS500_SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: The Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 4
Performer: Carlo Grante

Scarlatti: Sonatas

January 30, 2016

cover170x170Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Sonatas
Performer: Angela Hewitt

Scarlatti: 12 Piano Sonatas

November 17, 2015

61BDkjshoYL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: 12 Piano Sonatas
Performer: Homero Francesch

Alan Feinberg: Fugue State

July 10, 2015

cover170x170Composer: Bach, Buxtehude, Froberger, Domenico Scarlatti, Alessandro Scarlatti, Handel
Works: Fugue State
Performer: Alan Feinberg

Scarlatti: Piano Sonatas

May 5, 2015

51GjCl4l7gL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Piano Sonatas
Performer: Claire Huangci

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 16

March 7, 2015

51h-ljPaBsL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 14
Performer: Duanduan Hao

Scarlatti: Sonatas

February 10, 2015

5114y9HiJZL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Piano sonatas
Performer: Irina Zahharenkova

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 15

October 8, 2014

51WnuXfESDL._SL500_AA280_Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 15
Performer: Orion Weiss

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas

January 5, 2014

51NhutDUU8L._SL500_AA280_Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Complete Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1
Performer: Carlo Grante

Scarlatti is one of my favorite composers ever and his keyboard sonatas are one of the joys of my life. I never get tired of listening to them.

I’m not going to admit how many recordings of these sonatas I have. A lot. However, I only have two complete versions: Scott Ross and Pieter-Jan Belder. Both are on harpsichord and are gorgeous. I love the harpsichord (I own one) but my first love is the piano. I’m anxiously awaiting a complete set performed on piano. Naxos has been releasing a volume at a time at a slow drip so I’m still waiting.

Carlo Grante started a complete set in the 90’s (which I bought) but I think the record label went under and the project came to a halt. He’s back with a new, ongoing complete set and I hope he gets to record all of them this time. Volume Three was released recently so I’m optimistic.

Scarlatti: Sonatas

December 18, 2013

cover.170x170-75Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: 16 Sonatas
Performer: Irakly Avaliani

Scarlatti: Violin Sonatas

July 21, 2013

cover.170x170-75Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Violin Sonatas (transcriptions of keyboard sonatas)
Performer: Capella Tiberina

Scarlatti: Newly Discovered Sonatas

June 4, 2012

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: The Complete Sonatas, Volume VII – Appendices and Diversities
Performer: Richard Lester

Since I already own two complete sets of Scarlatti sonatas on harpsichord I don’t feel I need a third. However this particular volume contains 13 “newly discovered” sonatas so it’s worth having for that alone.

I don’t know if anyone else has recorded these new sonatas so I need to investigate further.

Scarlatti: Sonatas for Viola d’amore and Harpsichord

January 17, 2012

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Works: Sonatas for Viola d’amore and Harpsichord
Performer: Valerio Losito and Andrea Coen

Avison: Concertos in Seven Parts Done From the Lessons of Domenico Scarlatti

December 31, 2011

Composer: Charles Avison (from Domenico Scarlatti)
Title: Concertos in Seven Parts Done From the Lessons of Domenico Scarlatti
Performer: Cafe Zimmermann

Scarlatti: Sonatas

July 7, 2011

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: Sonatas
Performer: Alexandre Tharaud

I can never have enough Scarlatti performed on piano. This is particularly exquisite.

Scarlatti: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 14

February 4, 2011

51nZp-041YL._SS280Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 14
Performer: Duanduan Hao

Naxos Records ongoing series of recordings of the Scarlatti complete keyboard sonatas. This one’s a gem.

Scarlatti: 42 Sonatas

July 5, 2010

Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
Title: 42 Sonatas
Performer: Michelangelo Carbonara